Empress Helena Conclave
Ill.Kt. Nigel Harding, Sovereign, and other members of Empress Helena Conclave hosted the first Appendant Orders ceremony for two years at Surbiton Masonic Hall on Wednesday 17th November. Worthy Knights Robert Gardner, David Smith and Andrew Banks were the Candidates confirmed as Knights of the Holy Sepulchre and St John the Evangelist.

Empress Helena Conclave The Ceremonies of the Holy Sepulchre were delivered by R,Ill, Kt, Bob Hancock, Intendant General, and Ill,Kt, Andrew Sales Deputy Intendant General, Ill.Kt. Mike Neville delivered the Order of St John the Evangelist. Other senior offices were conducted by V.Ill.Kt. Ray Hussey, Ill.Kt. Chris Cradock, Ill.Kt. Chris Hatton, Ill.Kt. Jack Love, Ill.Kt. Paul Hollebone, Ill.Kt. Alistair McKenzie, Ill.Kt. Simon McCarthy as Marshal, and P.Kt. Jeff Hancock as Verger, Guardian of the Sacred Vault, Prior, Seneschal, Sub Prior, Warder and Harbinger respectively. W.Kt. Dave Reid acted as Captain of the Sepulchre Guard and W.Kt. Chris Albrow enhanced the whole occasion as Organist.

Empress Helena Conclave 30 Worthy Knights witnessed these very moving Masonic ceremonies and 26 enjoyed a marvellous and highly entertaining festive board afterwards.

Our thanks go to our Honorary Divisional Photographer Chris Eley for the post ceremony photoshoot.

Article by Bob Hancock and photos by Chris Eley

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