Annual Address 2021
R.Ill.Kt. Robert William Hancock, Intendant-General Division of Surrey

Resulting from the continuing Covid-19 Pandemic restrictions on ‘live’ person to person meetings, the Address was delivered during a Virtual Business Meeting conducted over the Internet and held 24 April 2021.

Worthy Knights All A sincere thank you again to our distinguished guests and to all members for attending our Zoom meeting today. We are extremely fortunate that 21st century technology allows us the opportunity to meet virtually - suspensions during the World Wars did not offer this unique facility. However I am sure that you all like me are looking forward to face to face meetings in the near future, God willing.

On that subject we have moved two Conclave meetings to 16th July at Surbiton, one Empress Helena, the Sepulchre Guard Conclave and the other The Surrey which will allow the Sepulchre Guard a get together and also enable us to install a new knight who has been waiting over 15 months to come into the Order. As we return to some form of normal life, we must ensure that those knights who for personal reasons may feel unsure about returning to full meetings are kept in contact with their Conclaves until they are ready to be welcomed back when they feel more comfortable. Our Divisional Almoner has been a tower of strength within the Division ensuring that no knight feels forgotten and assisting those who live alone with important social tasks.

As we return to full Masonic meetings the Deputy Intendant-General and I are determined to visit each Conclave this coming year, accompanied by as many Divisional Officers as we can muster to ensure our Operation Kickstart gets into overdrive. The Division has continued to support charities in and around the County over the past year, specifically The Cherry Tree Charity and The Children’s Trust. The Grand Sovereign’s Care for Children Fund has been a significant contributor to those children’s charities.

This is the final year of the Surrey Mark Festival and I am delighted that thanks to the generosity of our conclaves and your approval I will be presenting the cheque for 2.5K to the Provincial Grand Master at his Annual meeting in September. Now is an appropriate time to remind all worthy knights that you can pay directly on line into the Surrey Division RCC relief chest quoting reference RCC0104 and giving your name and conclave number. and name We are always fortunate in Surrey to be able to be first to announce Grand Rank Promotions and first Appointments at our Annual meeting and this year is no exception.

I am delighted to announce the following Promotions and First Appointments Promotions To Past Grand High Almoner our very hardworking Treasurer and guardian of the purse strings Arthur Johnson. To Past Grand Chamberlain our equally hardworking and indispensable Divisional Recorder Chris Cradock. To Past Grand Chamberlain Simon Dixon who gets this promotion because of his excellent year as Grand Herald To Past Grand Orator Brian Howlett, through Middlesex Division but you all know as a long serving Recorder of The Surrey Conclave. First Appointments George Dyball, our Junior Grand General as Past Grand Prefect John Coleman our peerless Divisional Almoner as Past Grand Warden of Regalia Currently we do not know if the Grand Imperial Conclave AGM will take place in July but hopefully it will at some time this year, and we will be able to witness their appointments. My hearty congratulations to our Divisional Officers who have remained in post for a second year, I hope to see you all on the circuit, also to those receiving Past Ranks with a reminder that you are welcome to accompany me and the Deputy Intendant General on official visits.

I am delighted that Stephen Rowlands is continuing as Captain of the Divisional Guard and congratulations to David Reid as his Deputy. A special welcome to Andrew Banks who has joined the Guard and I hope to see many of you at Surbiton on 16th July.

Together with Middlesex Division we are holding our Sunday luncheon at the RAF club on 4th July thanks to the kind offices of Ill Kt Paul Fitzgerald. You should have received details from your Divisional Recorders. It is an opportunity for Worthy Knights and their wives and friends to enjoy a convivial and relaxed afternoon in sumptuous surroundings. Please sign up with Paul if you have not already done so.

Our sincere thanks to our Technical Director W Bro Tim Ford Provincial Grand Secretary of Surrey Mark Province for directing our Production today of Hancock’s half hour! Worthy knights and knights of all Distinctions I wish you well for the coming year and trust you all enjoyed a pleasant St Georges Day yesterday. I look forward to meeting you all personally in the near future.

God bless and keep you all.

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