Report of the Virtual Business Meeting of the Division
On Saturday 24th April 2021, the Surrey Division of the Masonic and Military Order of the Red Cross of Constantine held a Virtual Business Meeting via Zoom to mark the Division’s annual meeting which, for the second year in succession could not be held as a live event due to the Government’s restriction on meetings arising from the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Report of the Virtual Business Meeting of the Division Never-the-less, 110 Worthy Knights had registered to attend this virtual meeting and at 1100 hours, the Intendant-General, Right Illustrious Knight Robert William Hancock invited the 86 present in attendance to join him in a brief silence in respect to the memory of H.R.H. The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh who had died on 9th April 2021.

The Intendant-General then declared the meeting open with a welcome to all especially to the 36 guests, Heads of Orders and distinguished Knights of the Division including 17 Intendant-Generals from other Divisions present. Following the greetings, the Divisional Recorder read a letter granting the permission of the Most Illustrious Grand Sovereign for this meeting to be held.

With the minutes of the previous meeting on 29th October 2020 having been agreed, the High Prelate called to memory the passing of two Knights, Brian Clifford Wareham, died 29 December 2020 and Ejikeme Eric Uzoalor, died 28 December 2020 with a short prayer. Both would be sadly missed.

Report of the Virtual Business Meeting of the Division The meeting then turned its attention to the necessary business items with the re-election of the Treasurer and the two Examiners of the Divisional Accounts. The Divisional Treasurer presented the audited annual accounts for the year ended 31 December 2020. The Accounts having been approved, the Treasurer announced that the Divisional annual dues for each member per Conclave and payable on 1st September 2021 would be £1 per head. The Intendant-General congratulated Arthur Johnson on his husbandry of the financial affairs of the Division with the result that he was able to temporally reduce the rate for a second year and expressed thanks to the Treasurer and the accounts examiners on behalf of all the members of the Division for their hard work.

The Intendant-General was delighted to confirm the proposal to contribute £2,500 from the Division to the 2022 Surrey Mark MBF Festival. W.Kt. Ian Clark, Provincial Grand Master of the Mark Province later said he would be delighted to receive the cheque at the Mark Annual Meeting on 11th September 2021 and thanked the Intendant-General and the Division for its very generous donation.

The Divisional Recorder confirmed that both his report and that of the Divisional Treasurer had been distributed to every member on registration and to which there was nothing to add. Both reports being available to members on application to the Divisional Recorder.

Report of the Virtual Business Meeting of the Division The Intendant-General expressed his thanks and appreciation for the continued support and assistance during the past year he had received from Illustrious Knight Andrew Sales, JP and confirmed the re-appointment as his Deputy. In return, Ill.Kt. Andrew Sales thanked the Intendant-General for the honour and appointment conferred. The Divisional Recorder then read the list of names of those Worthy Knights whom the Intendant-General had appointed and promoted in Divisional Rank together with Captain, Deputy to the Captain and members of the Divisional Guard.

The Intendant-General addressed the meeting – a full copy of which is available here.

Following confirmation from the Divisional Recorder that the Annual Meeting of the Division would be held next year on 30th April 2022 at Croydon Masonic Hall and that apologies received for this meeting would be recorded with the minutes, the Intendant-General declared the Business Meeting closed at 1130 hrs. with thanks to all for attending. The formal meeting being closed, there was an opportunity for social catch-ups and many of the guests took the opportunity to exchange greetings and to thank the Intendant-General for the smooth production of his Hancock’s half-hour!

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