The Grand Sovereign's Care for Children Fund
We are very grateful for your donation of £2,500 in March 2020.

Presentation to The Children's Trust I have put together an update report, which I hope you will enjoy reading. The update contains a case study of Mollie who came to The Children’s Trust for rehabilitation in November 2019.

We remain open to referrals even in this third lockdown period, and we continue to have infection control measures in place. The pandemic has brought fresh challenges to families where there is a child with brain injury or neurodisability, and it is so important for these families that we have remained open.

Your support is greatly valued, and we hope to apply for funding again in the future.

All of us at The Children’s Trust wish you good health.

Yours sincerely


Rebecca Clay - Trust Fundraiser

Surface Pro tablets
The extension to the WiFi has happened in conjunction with the roll out of Surface Pro tablets for use by the children. These tablets have been essential during the pandemic.

The biggest take up has been with nursery children who are using them for sensory activities and learning. Shielding children also participate by dialling into activities. In addition, Surface Pro's have been used for virtual birthday parties and virtual music therapy.

When a child is in isolation, they are confined to their room with limited contact with teachers and family. Siblings are still not allowed on site in Tadworth because of the infection risk- as you can imagine this has been tremendously difficult for children. Children and young people can link up via the Surface Pro's, and the tablets have been used for social sessions. School staff set up the camera so that some of the children could see their classmates.

"The tablets have been so helpful and have been invaluable for the team, enabling them to continue working with the children as well as keeping them safe." said Clare Thomson, Speech and Language Therapist.

Being able to continue with education and therapy is so important for the children that we work with because a break in their learning or rehabilitation could have a significant effect on their long-term development goals.

Coronavirus is affecting our work at The Children's Trust in ways that we could never have imagined. Despite this, we continue to provide specialist care for children with brain injury and neurodisability. We have managed to do this by being flexible and responding to unexpected challenges. We have changed how we teach to keep our school open, we have delivered training and rehabilitation differently and we have enabled children to keep in touch with family and friends even with the restrictions. One of the most significant ways we have done this is by using new technology and providing children, staff and some families with the Surface Pro Tablets. The tablets have been central in enabling us to provide education and therapy so children can continue to learn, achieve their development goals, and stay in touch with family and friends. The extension to the WiFi has enabled us to make good use of the tablets.

The tablets have enabled us to continue to:
  1. Deliver therapy, education, and care.
  2. Support children's wellbeing.
  3. Safely keep the lines of communication open between staff, children, their parents, and carers.
  4. Hold staff team meetings.
  5. Reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

The importance of virtually adapted learning and therapy
In our Special School & Nursery: We have provided a Surface Pro tablet to every young person. Initially, we were sceptical about how effective virtual learning would be given that our pupils rely heavily on sensory experiences. However, we have been pleasantly surprised at how well they have responded to the technology. The tablets have enabled us to hold music sessions as well as both individual classes and group sessions via Zoom.

Friendships and Wellbeing: Virtual assemblies and school council meetings have gone ahead via the tablets as large group gatherings are not possible due to social bubble limitations and lack of space for safe social distancing. The meetings are every fortnight with a theme to each one such as 'happiness'. Our school Christmas celebration was held virtually and included parents and siblings of the school pupils.

Remote therapy: The tablets have enabled therapists to continue with sessions so children can still access rehabilitation from their room. One of the ways the tablets have been used is through recording instruction videos for children, their parents, and carers on how to use equipment. Using a recording means we do not have to do this face to face, therefore limiting contact and risk.

Team meetings: Nursing, care, therapy and teaching staff remain working, for the most part, on site with the children. The rooms we would normally use for team meetings do not provide enough space to practice social distancing, however, the tablets and extended WiFi have ensured that team meetings can continue safely.
Click here to download the full report to discover more about what The Grand Sovereign's Care for Children Fund from The Children's Trust has achieved.

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