Donation to Cherry Trees Children's Charity
R Ill Kt Bob Hancock IG and Ill Kt Andrew Sales Deputy IG presented a cheque for £500 from the Division's charity fund to the Cherry Trees Children's Charity at East Clandon on Wednesday 2nd December.

Donation to Cherry Trees Children's Charity Jane Hunnablen, Head of Fundraising and Marketing, said “You know it’s Christmas when a supporter calls in to tell you they are donating not just one cheque for £500 but with the promise of an additional one to follow.  The support of The Masonic Order and Military Order of The Red Cross of Constantine is greatly welcomed in the lead up to Christmas and our sincere thanks to all of their members for making a donation to Cherry Trees. There are many charities out there, but when we are chosen to receive a donation it makes a big difference to all. our hard work and efforts to keep on supporting our families.

“It has been a huge year for us, remaining open every day to date during COVID-19, welcoming new families and reaching our 40th year.  All possible thanks to the consistent, caring and generous support of people like yourselves. Big thank you on behalf of us all and best wishes for the New Year to come.”

R Ill Kt Bob said it is always a pleasure to donate to this wonderful charity which does so much to support families with severely handicapped children.

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