A Christmas Message from your Intendant General
A Christmas Message from your Intendant GeneralDear Worthy Knights,

Christmas is fast upon us in this turbulent year. The news of the preparation for the early vaccine roll out to combat COVD 19 is heartening and gives us all an opportunity to look positively towards 2021 and the renewal of our full Masonic meetings and festive boards.

The popular press has written headlines ‘Christmas is cancelled’ what they really mean is an over- indulgence in partying with food and alcohol is verboten. The spiritual message of Christmas is still there the celebration of the birth of our Saviour. This year will enable to focus on that most important and thought- provoking fact. It is the very essence of the core beliefs in our Order.

The pandemic forced the cancellation of the Divisional AGM this year however I was delighted that so many knights joined our virtual business meeting in October when I was able to publicly congratulate P KTS David Blackburn, John Gardener, Alan Hall and Emmanuel John on their Grand Rank appointments together with all the officers re appointed to Divisional Rank this year together with Wy KT Steve Rowlands as Captain of the Sepulchre Guard and Wy KT David Reid as his Deputy. I look forward to meeting many of my Divisional Officers and Sepulchre Guard when we return to full meetings.

The pandemic has seen some forced retirements through age and unfortunately a couple through job loss, however we were able to install 2 new knights at Gyldeforda and Emperor Heraclius prior to the second lockdown.

On the Charity front we have been able to assist two; Surrey Children Charities the Children’s Trust and Cherry Trees. Photographs of these events and conclave meetings are displayed on our web site which I encourage you all to visit and add any relevant information yourselves.

The Divisional AGM will be at Croydon on 24th April 2021. Please get the date in your diary and come along to support the Division.

Christmas Message As ever I thank all for your support and effort over the past year and pray continued success for your conclaves with the fervent hope we will soon meet again.

Together with the Deputy Intendant General, Andrew Sales, I wish you and your families a happy and peaceful Christmas, stay safe and well and if there are any knights requiring some support during this time, whatever that maybe please contact our superb Divisional Almoner John Coleman and together we will be pleased to assist where possible. Not least to you all good health and happiness for 2021.

In Faith Unity and Zeal

Bob Hancock

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