Intendant-General’s address to Worthy Knights, October 2020
Worthy Knights,

What a year this has been. It has taken COVID 19 to push BREXIT into the background! When I wrote to you all in January rejoicing in my wife and son’s honours little did we know what was in store for us. Months without meeting and enjoying each other’s company have finally given way to the current situation which continues to carry many restrictions with several of our masonic centres unable to hold masonic meetings.

I must first offer our sincere thanks to W Bro Tim Ford, Provincial Grand Secretary of Surrey Mark who has made this meeting possible using his Zoom account. My thanks also to our very hardworking Recorder who has kept abreast of the many directives we have received and prepared the meeting.

Worthy Knights as we all know charity begins at home, with that in mind I trust our conclave almoners are ensuring that all knights receive a regular communication to ensure they and their families well- being. Most importantly those worthy knights who live alone and those without modern means of communication are constantly in our thoughts. We are very fortunate worthy knights to have such a dedicated and committed Divisional Almoner in P Kt John Coleman. Not only does he carry out his duties conscientiously for us but also other Orders in Surrey. John keeps me apprised of the many acts of care he carries out and requests that we ensure that no worthy knight is left lonely and unattended.

I had the pleasant task of presenting two cheques each for £2,500 to the Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre and The Children’s Trust on behalf of the Grand Sovereign. Both in their different ways carry out vital work to support sick and disabled children. You will find more detail on our web site, I would ask if any worthy knight is involved in local charity work during this current crisis please make me aware, Mark Masons Hall are requesting any local charity initiatives to be reported to them.

To all my Divisional Officers and members of the Sepulchre Guard my sincere thanks for your continued support and I pray that we may soon meet again in happier circumstances. I trust not being able to personally appoint you in April has not detracted too much from the honour bestowed which is in recognition of your continued outstanding services to the division. I am delighted to say that W Kt David Reid has been appointed my Deputy Captain of the Sepulchre Guard which takes place with immediate effect.

I am sure you will all join me in sending hearty congratulations to Ill Kt’s David Blackburn, John Gardener, Alan Hall and Emmanuel John for their well deserved promotions to Grand Rank. They too were unable to receive these honours personally but I am sure the Grand Sovereign will address this at next years Annual meeting.

Worthy Knights my lasting wish is that you and all your loved ones remain safe and well, please keep the faith and as the Grand Sovereign said recently we shall come out of this pandemic a leaner but fitter Christian Order.

May the blessed trinity in unity be with you all.


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