The 2019 Annual Meeting
The 2019 Annual Meeting of the Division of Surrey in the Order of the Red Cross of Constantine

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Dear Knights of all distinctions, this is my 7th Annual General Meeting address. I am particlarly pleased to see so many worthy Knights from the Division at this assembly and again on behalf of you all my special welcome to our honoured guests in particular our well loved Grand Eusebius Rt Ill Knight Timothy L’Estrange.

Visiting other Divisions is one of the many delights of this role. Both me your Deputy Intendant General and our Recorder have with other Surrey Knights visited over the years Divisions in West Yorkshire and North And East Lancashire, East Anglia, The Midland Divisions, South Wales, Dorset And Wiltshire, Devon and Cornwall as well as those Divisions adjacent to our borders. We have without exception and in true Knightly fashion been warmly and regally received. We trust you to dear friends have experienced a similar warmth and attention at our annual meeting.

The past year has been a busy one for us, our appendant orders meeting at surbiton in november was a memorable occasion with ten worthy Knights as candidates and over 40 Knights attending and dining. There was also a healthy attendance at the appendant orders meeting here in march when we invested another three Knights and some twenty four dined. My special thanks goes to all those Knights who prepared the events and assisted in the ceremonies. It is acknowledged that the appendant order ceremonies are one of the highlights in masonic ritual and it is very encouraging to hear without exception from those Knights who were invested what a wonderfful and moving ceremony they experienced.

I together the Deputy Intendant General, Divisional Recorder and other Senior Divisional Officers made official visits to all our conclaves as well as attending a number in a non official capacity. I was pleased to note that the ceremonial work was generally carried out to a good standard, it is important that when we install a new Knight he feels that his reception into the order is accompanied by a well presented ritual. First impressions are vital.

This past year was busy with our conjoint Divisional luncheon at the raf club, bi annual church service at st gabriels, supporting the rose croix church service at banstead as well as the annual allied degrees hog roast and osm dinner dance. It is rewarding to see a healthy interaction between all the select and progressive orders in Surrey. We also supported the select and progressive orders evening at sutton masonic centre in november which together with a friendship meeting at archbishop courtenay conclave was directed at those royal arch masons who have yet to appreciate the advancement in masonic knowledge that our order provides. Worthy Knights I make no secret of the difficulties in keeping Fifteen conclaves going in this Division, in 2006 we had only Six! I appeal to you all to seek out royal arch masons who I am sure if they were aware of the significance of this order would be pleased to join. We are fortunate that the provincial grand superintendent recognises and supports the efforts of our order in particular in furthering the masonic pathway of his royal arch masons.

Flushed with the success of last years RAF Luncheon P Kt Paul Fitzgerald has organsied a similar event at the club on 7th July. Sign up quickly as tickets are selling fast.

The Division continues its support for the Grand Sovereign’s Care For Children Fund and we are delighted to make a further donation to that worthy cause today. Children’s charities in Surrey have benefited significantly from the fund. Last august I presented a cheque to a small charity in camberley which provides material support for profoundly deaf school children. This year I will be presenting a cheque to the Cherry Tree Charity in Bookham which supports children with severe autism and gives respite aid to their parents. My sincere thanks to all the conclaves who without exception have unstintingly supported our efforts.

Our Surrey Division web site has been upgraded. There is a new booklet on the website with a detailed explanation of order, its’ history and ceremonies. It is available to download, and, together with our hard copy booklet is a useful tool when seeking new members.

I can announce hearty congratulations to the following who will be receiving either promotion or First Appointment to Grand Rank in the order at the Annual General Meeting in July.

Ill Kt Stephen Ayres   Promotion To Grand High Chancellor
Ill Kt Brian Berry   Promotion To Grand Chamberlain
Ill Kt James Sacre   Promotion To Past Grand Chamberlain
Ill Kt David Wilmott   Promotion To Past Grand Orator
P Kt Adrian Kidney   Past Grand Prefect
P Kt Bob Tuthill   Past Grand Prefect
P Kt Paul Fitzgerald   Past Grand Prefect
P Kt Gordon Stewart   Past Grand Warden Of Regalia
P Kt Adeyomi Bright   Grand Vice Chamberlain
P Kt Ian Neve   Past Grand Vice Chamberlain

These grand honours are well deserved for their continued service to this and other Divisions in the order.

I offer my sincere thanks to all the outgoing Divisional Officers who supported the deputy intendant general and me over the past year, my congratulations to the incoming Divisional team, your investitiure is a recognition of your work for the Division and we look forward to your support at official meetings and social events during the year. I have no doubt you will be as supportive as the outgoing team were.

My official visits this year will be Surrey West Africa on Saturday 28th September at Croydon (a morning meeting), Emperor Constantine on Monday 4th November at Redhill and St Georges on Thursday 19th December at Camberley.

Finally and by no mean least I am sure you will join me in showing our appreciation to the Divisional engine room our Divisional Recorder Chris Cradock and his team for their meticulous preparation of this and all official events, our Divisional Marshal Simon Mccarthy and his team for their ceremonial work and our Divisional Treasurer who as a mighty team of one keeps our accounts in such superb order.

Worthy Knights, i thank you for your kind attention. As we approach the first Sunday after Easter let us remember the collect for that day.

Almighty Father who hast given thy son to die for our sins and rise again for our justification; grant us to put away the leaven of malice and wickedness that we may always serve thee in pureness of living and truth; through the merits of the same thy son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Now let us adjurn for our well earned refreshment.

R Illustrious Knight Bob Hancock, Intendant General

Photographs: Bob Tuthill

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