Grand Ranks 2019
I am delighted to be able to advise that at the meeting of Grand Imperial Conclave on 2nd July 2019, the following Knights of Surrey will receive Appointment, Re-Appointment or Promotion in Grand Rank.

  Name Rank Surrey Conclaves
  Stephen Ayres* Grand High Chancellor 14, 453
  Brian Berry* Grand Chamberlain 426
  Abayomi Bright* Grand-Vice Chamberlain 502

  James Sacré* Past Grand Chamberlain 426
  David Willmott * Past Grand Orator 414, 453, 502
First Appointment
  Paul Fitzgerald* Past Grand Prefect 453, 507
  Adrian Kidney Past Grand Prefect 414, 453
  Robert Tuthill Past Grand Prefect 409, 505
  Gordon Stewart Past Grand Warden of Regalia 490, 505
  Ian Neve Past Grand Warden of Regalia 14, 409

Names followed by an asterisk denote appointment through other Divisions or GIC direct.

I am sure you would wish to join our Intendant-General in extending heartiest congratulations to each of our Worthy Knights on their preferment.

Yours sincerely and in Faith, Unity and Zeal,
Chris Cradock
Divisional Recorder

Note: Prefix - The prefix for Ill Kt Stephen Michael Ayres will change to V.Ill Kt. The remaining Knights receiving Active Rank and Promotions will remain unchanged as Ill.Kt and the Worthy Knights receiving First Appointment will change from P.Kt to Ill.Kt.

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