Official Visit to Macdonald Conclave
R.Ill.Kt. Bob Hancock, the Intendant General of the Red Cross of Constantine, Surrey Division, together with Ill.Kt. Andrew Sales, Deputy Intendant General, visited Macdonald Conclave No 14 on Wednesday 17th of April at Surbiton Masonic Centre to witness the enthronement of MP.Kt. Paul Johnson as Sovereign and the consecration of Em.Kt. John Evans as Viceroy.

Official Visit to Macdonald Conclave The Past Intendant General for Surrey, R.Ill.Kt. Roy Leavers, KCC, conducted the ceremony of enthronement and MP.Kt. Paul Johnson the ceremony of consecration, both in an immaculate and sincere fashion.  R.Ill.Kt. Bob Hancock was pleased to present Red Cross of Constantine and Appendant Order Certificates to Em.Kt. John Evans, and W.Kts. Bill Barr and Bob Kennett.

The conclave later enjoyed a fine festive board at the centre.

Article by R.Ill.Kt. Bob Hancock and photo by Chris Eley

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