A Guide to the The Red Cross of Constantine
I am delighted to be able to introduce you to this very informative booklet written by our past Grand Eusebius, Rt.Ill.and Venerable Knight, Peter Blackwell-Smyth.

A Guide to the The Red Cross of Constantine The History of The Red Cross of Constantine is quite long and complicated, so trying to make it readable and easy to digest is quite a challenge but I think this booklet has succeeded. It is easy to understand and makes a good read.

Included are chapters on the Order's history, structure, ceremonies, ritual and much more.

The booklet has already been upgraded and revised and I am sure there will be more suggestions to come. It is however an excellent introduction to this beautiful Christian Order, to which we are all proud and happy to belong.

Click here to download the booklet.

Rt. Ill. Kt. Bob Hancock, Intendant General Surrey Division - April 2019

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