Official Visit to St Macarius Conclave
As Divisional Senior General for the year I had the pleasure of visiting St Macarius Conclave No 507 on Tuesday 16th January at Surbiton. I will admit to some trepidation as the Conclave had lost a few members recently and the possibility of closure had been in the offing.

Official Visit to St Macarius Conclave On the day, P Kt Derek Williamson was acting as Recorder, Almoner and Enthroning Sovereign etc; P Kt Mike Ellis supervised the proceedings as Marshal; and M Pt Mark Donovan was enthroned as Sovereign. The Deputy Intendent General, Andrew Sales, was present, and yes he did get a job as High Prelate.

Official Visit to St Macarius Conclave We welcomed two new members who joined the Conclave and two other guests signed forms to join at the next meeting in June when a Candidate would be admitted too. See photographs of the new officers with guests and two more showing the new and prospective joining members. I am sure we all wish the rejuvenated Conclave every success in the years to come.

P Kt David Blackburn, DivSGen

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