The Twelve O’clock High Luncheon
The Twelve O’Clock High Luncheon was held on Sunday 1st July 2018 at the Royal Air Force Club, Mayfair, London. U. K. The occasion was arranged and hosted by Commander Paul D. Fitzgerald AAC; AFA (USAF) a member of the Club. It was an AAC-AFA event held in aid of the Order of the Red Cross of Constantine to raise a donation for the Grand Sovereigns ‘Care for Children’ Charity. Plus, promote Inter-Divisional social activity between the Divisions of Middlesex, Surrey, and Metropolitan.

The Twelve O’clock High Luncheon All three Divisions were represented and being an open gathering, Ladies and non-masons attended. The Guest of Honour was the Grand Sovereign, M. lll. Kt. Graham Flight GCC, who was accompanied by his wife, Sue. The Intendants-General (I-G) of Middlesex (R. III. Kt. Denis Leigh) Surrey (R. III. Kt. Bob Hancock) and Metropolitan (R. III. Kt. Stuart Graves) were also in attendance with their wives, friends and family members. Along with the Deputy I-G of Middlesex (III. Kt. Silverio Ostrowski) and Surrey (III. Kt. Andrew Sales) and their wives.

The host opened the event by welcoming all present. After dining was concluded, Commander Paul gave return of Grace, and then proposed the toast to the Commanders in Chief; the President of the USA and Her Majesty the Queen. This was followed by R. III. Kt . Bob of Surrey, proposing the toast to the American Air Corps, Air Force Association, United States Air Force, and the Royal Air Force. The Commander was invited to respond, and in doing so, noted the close bonds between the two Air Forces and all branches of the US and UK Military. Plus the fact that this year was the centenary of the Royal Air Force.

The Commander then proceeded to propose the toast to the Order of the Red Cross of Constantine. To which R. III. Kt. Denis of Middlesex, gave a well received reply. The Raffle had raised a donation of £600, so the Commander invited the Grand Sovereign to say a few words about the Charity, to which the donation would be directed. The Grand Sovereign subsequently thanked everyone for their generous gift, and detailed the very good work that the Charity does.

After a very pleasant afternoon dining in the Club’s Ballroom, the Commander invited those who may wish doing so, to join him in the Club’s Cowdray Bar, which overlooks Green Park, and is named after the Club’s founder and benefactor, Lord Cowdray.

Due to the success of the event, it has been agreed to hold the Luncheon annually, in order that members and their guests may meet socially, raise a charitable donation, and do so within the confines of one of the World’s leading, and best situated, private Clubs.

In addition to the Commander who arranged the event via the AAC-AFA, appreciation is also due to Bro. Miguel Godfrey, who made the arrangements for, and discharged the Raffle, assisted by Kt. Gary Raggert, and Bro. Andy Lynch. Plus, Squadron Leader Jack Garget, who attended as the RAF Club Representative, and gave valuable assistance by giving a guided tour of the Club to the guests.

The Grand Sovereign and the Trio of attending Intendants-General, thank all those who attended for their attendance and generous support of what was now, the Inaugural Twelve O’Clock High Luncheon.

In faith, Unity, and Zeal.

Article: Commander Paul D. Fitzgerald | Photograph: Nigel Harris

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