A Christmas message from your Intendant General
Bob Hancock, Intendant GeneralDear Worthy Knights,

Christmas approaches and is the time of year when we rejoice in the birth of our Saviour who in the words of St John the Apostle was the word that became flesh and dwelt amongst us.

This year has been a very special one for English Freemasonry celebrating 300 years of the Premier Grand Lodge. I am sure many of you attended some of the special events that have taken place to celebrate the occasion. My wife and I attended the Canterbury Cathedral Joint Provincial service in February a superb occasion with the Grand Master along with the Provincial Grand Masters of East and West Kent, Sussex and our own Provincial Grand Master and his wife in attendance. I also attended another joint Provincial outing at the Selsdon Park Golf day a superb event which again brought a number of Freemasons together from different Provinces. As master of an Installed Masters Lodge in London I attended a special meeting at FMH in September of Installed Masters Lodges organised by the City of London Installed Masters Lodge. We witnessed a wonderful presentation of the Ist degree Bristol Working by young master masons from Somerset and Avon and dined rather regally at Middle Temple later that evening. The highlight of course must be the splendid event on 31st October at the Royal Albert Hall. The play let that formed the core of the afternoon was a wonderful advert for our Institution and we can feel very proud in Surrey that our Provincial Grand Master was a key organiser of the day.

I am sure you will all agree that our newly installed Provincial Grand Master has instilled an energy and confidence within the Province that can benefit not only the Craft and Royal Arch but the Select and Progressive Orders also. It is appropriate at this point to remind you that the Provincial Grand Master will be attending the AGM lunch on 28th April 2018 at Croydon where I will be presenting him with a cheque on behalf of the Division towards the Surrey Festival. You should book early for this event as I am sure there will be a full house!

I am pleased to say that in this new Masonic season we have already installed nine new knights and there are more waiting at forthcoming meetings. Of course that does not mean we can take our foot off the pedal and there are a couple of conclaves that clearly need new members. A presentation on 30th November at Sutton Masonic Centre on the Select and Progressive orders is an opportunity for us to promote our order. That said conclaves must be proactive in identifying candidates from the Royal Arch, the Divisional executive is always there to assist and support any initiatives within conclaves.

As you are all no doubt aware our dear Past Deputy Intendant General Frank Powell has recently undergone a serious and lengthy operation which I am delighted to say has been successful in so far as he has now returned home after many days in hospital. He has sent out a missive very much in his well- known style which bodes well for a full recovery. On behalf of you all I have passed on our sincerest best wishes.

As always I thank all for your support and effort over the past year and continued success for your conclaves. Together with the Deputy Intendant General, Andrew Sales, I wish you and your families a happy and peaceful Christmas and good health and happiness for 2018.

In Faith Unity and Zeal

Bob Hancock

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